Welcome Baby and New Baby Gifts are our Speciality!

August 17, 2017

Welcome Baby and New Baby Gifts are our Speciality!

We are in love with creating new baby gifts. For us it is the one milestone that all companies should be recognizing for their employees and sending a thoughtful gift on behalf of the company is a sincere touch to show how important employees as a whole are to the organization. A milestone in their personal life that should be celebrated.

Most companies big and small will use our gifting services to send a new baby gift to an employee who is expecting a new bundle of joy. We can also ship the gifts to the office so that the congratulations card we include with the gift can be passed around and signed by colleagues. 

We wanted each gift to be special, like the occasion it’s celebrating, with products beautifully designed and also practical. Inside each gift you’ll find practical essentials and beautiful keepsakes that will be in their lives forever. 

Each box contains products from beautiful brands including Pehr, Numpfer, Andover Bear Company, Sweet N Swag, all luxurious products worthy of celebrating a new baby into this world.


Our new baby gift collection includes a wooden keepsake box for packaging, a special congratulations card and a beautiful bow. 

Our Welcome Baby gift collection comes in different sizes so you can scale up or down your gifting to suit your recipient and your budget and as you may have noticed, we have priced most of our new baby gifts to be corporate budget friendly. 

Happy baby. Enjoy.

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