Coffee Lover Gift Set

This Gift Box Includes:

Japan Made Porcelain Brewer

Experience slow drip coffee, it will revolutionize your morning coffee routine. Time slows down with each drip, the Slow Coffee Style product series was created to bring you pour-over slow brewed coffee. Hot water mixes with coffee grounds in a beautiful filter, then gently drips directly into any coffee mug  This vessel offers a wide range of choices so you can find your own style of slow coffee.

Brewer Cotton Paper Filter

These cotton paper filters are the last touch to create the perfect coffee set. Made of cotton linter and wood pulp, they will filter your coffee beans to create a rich and flavorful coffee. The filters will fit any brewer from the Slow Coffee Style collection.

Sugarfina Gourmet Candy

Misc Inc Playing Card Deck

Japan Made Porcelain Coffee Mug

Traces of handwork on the potter’s wheel and two colors of layered glaze bring about unique expressions of the mugs. Mixing luster and matte textures, a profound scenery is created to enrich your coffee time. The supple shape fits well inside your hands, and the wide arched handle that connects smoothly to the cup makes it comfortable to use.

Coffee Beans

Wooden Keepsake Box

Hand-written Card

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